Where to Buy Friendship Bracelets

Where to Buy Friendship Bracelets and How to Customize Them



Friendship bracelets have been around for hundreds of years, though they have been gaining more popularity since the 1970’s. They are still quite popular today, and they still serve to remind the wearer of the special friend that gave them the bracelet. Traditionally, the person giving the bracelet ties it onto the wrist of the recipient. It is then worn until the threads become worn down and break. These bracelets can be made or they can be purchased from us. There is more than just picking a random bracelet, though. You’re going to want to know what colors and designs you prefer, and you’re going to want to take the time to find the perfect bracelet or other accessory for the friend you’re thinking of.

Where to Buy Them

If you’re looking for where to buy friendship bracelets, you don’t have to look far. Mass made as well as handmade friendship bracelets can be found in stores and across the internet and at stores like unisexbracelets.com The surge in popularity again makes it very easy to find the basic friendship bracelets. You may want to look on sites that sell handmade goods to find unique, one of a kind friendship bracelets. You may even be able to find ones that can be customized to what you or your friend like.

Best Friendship BraceletsWhat Types to Look For

Before you begin looking for where to buy friendship bracelets, you’re going to want to think about what you like. There are many different types of friendship bracelets available, including those made just from string, those with special patterns or colors, or those made with special additions to make them more unique. Each color in a friendship bracelet can mean something different, as can the pattern. For instance, pink means kind while blue means loyal. These meanings can allow you to choose all the right colors to show your friend what you think about them. They can then be combined in a bracelet made of two or more strings, and you can use or find one in any pattern you like.

Special Additions to the Traditional Bracelet

Friendship bracelets don’t have to be just made from strings. In fact, you can easily find many different beaded friendship bracelets. These bracelets allow you to branch out and add even more color and fun to the bracelet. You can add just a couple of beads to each end, one in the center, or you can have them in a line down the middle of the bracelet to catch the sunlight and shine. There are many different friendship bracelet designs that include beads, and you can easily incorporate beads into any pattern. If you’re having a friendship bracelet custom made, you can have them use the color beads you prefer and have them placed where you like. This way, you end up with a bracelet that is completely unique and special.

Adding On a Word

Because the patterns are highly customizable, you can even have a word or two add into the design of your bracelet. The word or words you use should be short, as you have limited room to work with and the letters can only be made as small as the knots in the bracelet. However, if your friend just recovered from an illness, you can add the words “I won” to remind them of overcoming the illness. If you’re giving the bracelet in remembrance of a special date, you can have the date added onto the bracelet. The options for adding a word onto the bracelet is a way to make the bracelet much more special for you and the recipient.

Other Types of Jewelry

The meaning of friendship bracelets doesn’t have to be contained to just bracelets. If your friend doesn’t typically wear bracelets or they prefer other types of jewelry, you can get friendship jewelry instead. This incorporates the same colors, patterns and designs as friendship bracelets, but you can buy friendship anklets or necklaces instead. You can even have these customized to the length you prefer so that they can be enjoyed by the person you’re giving them to. In fact, you can even purchase sets that include one necklace, one bracelet and one anklet for an extra special and unique gift.
If you’re interested in giving a friend a bracelet, necklace or anklet, you can easily find them online. You can also make your own bracelet and include designs that are unique to you or your friend. From beads to adding on special words, you can thoroughly customize the gift for your friend. You can find the perfect friendship bracelet or other accessory that your friend is sure to love. Start looking around at the different designs available today so you can find the perfect accessory to give to your best friend. You may be surprised at all of the choices you have, but this only means you will end up with a unique, fun gift.


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